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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Welcome to the Rampart Chapter of the United States Air Force Academy Association of Graduates. We are located in Colorado Springs, CO.
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The latest breaking news at Rampart AOG
Date Added Topic
7/10/2014 Prep School B&B and AP Greeters Needed
7/10/2014 2014 Tri-Service Golf Tournament 1 Aug 14
7/10/2014 Minutes RC Brd Mtg 10Jun14
7/10/2014 2013 Chapter President Conference
7/19/2013 Benefits of RC Membership

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Date Event
7/15/2014 Prep School B & B and Airport Greeters Needed
7/15/2014 Jul 14 Rampart Chapter Board Mtg
8/1/2014 2014 Tri-Service Golf Tournament
8/13/2014 RC Aug 14 Luncheon
8/19/2014 Aug 14 Rampart Chapter Board Mtg

God Bless the USAOur mission is to:

Foster the professional, business and leadership growth of the Chapter members.

Support the ideals and goals of the United States Air Force Academy.

Pursue such programs and activities as the members desire in order to meet the objectives of the Chapter.

Maintain close liaison with the National Association of Graduates (AOG) to insure the purposes and activities of the two organizations remain mutually supportive but separate.

Pursue an active program for the maintenance and promotion of membership in both the Chapter and the National AOG.

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